Lagniappe: James Salter this summer and coming soon

It pleased us to see that President Obama selected James Salter’s final novel, All That Is, as one of his summer reads.

When we were last in touch with James Salter—on June 10, his 90th birthday—he told us that he wished he could have stayed in his 80s a while longer. Salter died nine days later.

In November of this year, the University Press of Mississippi will publish our Conversations with James Salter. The book includes twenty-two interviews with Salter. It covers five decades of his writing life and contains profiles and interviews from Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Sweden and the United States. Several of the chapters will appear in English for the first time.

We’re honored to bring these insightful conversations together. We like to think of the book as a tribute to his wonderful work and a master class on how to write and read.


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